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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

MATERNAL NEWBORN AND HEALTH MBEYA.Subscription prepared Family bulding through the word of patents with pregnant repair Mbeya Regional Hospital

Mwamengo Rogers and his wife Anna Rogers ran out of the auditorium in Mkapa Conf center Mbeya. 

These are felt it necessary to make this contribution. 

Anna is a nurse Mbeya Regional Hospital, served kuvujiwa having a ministry, he had compassion on the sick. 

Her husband had a dream, and touched a three million initial offer. Mbeya Regional Commissioner adds Synergy. 

Things continue courtyard.

Director of the City of Moncton, Mussa Zungiza he try hard Million of the City, and he Laki five.
Executive Director Mbeya, being on the table Upendo Sanga of Directors.

Executive Director Mbeya, Upendo Sanga, citing Million for his council and pledged But five of his own.
Executive Director Mbeya, Upendo Sanga, he enjoyed after promising to donate the amount of one million.
Some doctors.
Left is the MC of the subscription transaction, Charles Mwakipesile, with charts of, 1,000,000 / = zilizoungwa supported by stakeholders (friends). below awarding the governor of Mbeya, Abbas Kandoro. 

A total of 81,684,000 million shillings have been found in the same synergy. 

Kandoro has said that cash is 38 million and 42 million commitment. 

He has asked them to come and contractors for support and not for payment. Especially advice as he mentioned experts from MUST University.

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